Wayne Finkle
3/18/2013 03:28:32 am

Scott Tucker shows a great deal of grace and humility, an admirable quality that is sometimes lost on race car drivers. He's right of-course, it's not just the drivers who win such races, but the entire team that works tirelessly and diligently to keep the cars in top condition and ensure the drivers are also confident and comfortable behind the wheel.

Mel Graham
3/21/2013 01:53:30 am

A great race, once again by the Level 5 team. It's interesting that so many Formula 1 drivers have found their way to P2 tracks. It sure says a lot about the racers who have been there throughout their career, that drivers from other arenas have joined this pool of incredible talent. It truly is the best of the best.

3/21/2013 03:18:36 am

I like seeing interviews with Scott Tucker before a race. He's always very level and down to earth. He rarely makes cocky predictions about wins, but he is very quick to acknowledge he is part of a team which includes drivers as well as engineers and mechanics etc. He is the spirit of blue collar racing, and his attitude always makes him a winner for fans.


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