Shea B
3/18/2013 03:33:43 am

I didn't know that picture taking could be a distraction for the drivers, but I guess at night, with that many flashes going off, it adds to the difficulty of navigating the course. I wonder how they counter the effects of light flashes to avoid after images? I have trouble driving in a lightening storm, so I can't image being under that kind of light assault. Just another example of the many skills a race car driver needs to perfect to make it on the track.

Devon Bakner
3/21/2013 01:47:32 am

Night driving adds a whole new element, and it's usually my favourite event to watch. There is definitely something rather surreal about watching the cars fly by as a blurry flash. I can't imagine what it's like to be in the car on the track, surrounded by all the other blurry flashes competing for position.

3/21/2013 02:58:03 am

This was a tension filled race from beginning to end. Hats off to the Level 5 team for such a great showing. You never really know how the race is going to end until the final moments, and this one was no exception. Looking forward to many more years of cheering on Level 5 Motorsports.


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